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Dream houses may look different for everyone, but some home features appeal to all buyers. Think spacious kitchens packed with storage options and updated bathrooms with modern design.

New construction homes are more likely to have these features. That’s one reason they’re becoming increasingly popular with buyers. In fact, more than 600,000 newly constructed homes were sold in 2019 marking a 10.3 percent jump from 2019.

Check out these seven home features that buyers are looking for in 2020.

1. An Updated Kitchen

From cooking dinner to grabbing a snack to sharing a meal with family, we spend a lot of our lives in the kitchen. It’s no wonder that spacious, updated kitchens rank on top of must-lists for buyers.

What makes a great kitchen? For starters, storage is key. Having a lot of cabinet space is a major plus for buyers. High-quality drawers, too, are another way to provide storage.

Walk-in pantries are also on the wish list for most buyers. They let homeowners store their food and prevent counters from getting crowded.

Stainless steel appliances are another top element of an awesome kitchen. Not only are stainless steel appliances easy to clean, but they’re also longer-lasting.

Plus, because they’re non-porous, stainless steel appliances are more germ-resistant than surfaces like wood. They also match most design styles and coordinate with existing decor, which makes them a good option in any home.

Large islands that make prep work a cinch and good lighting are other attractive design features. While it may not be a necessity, a wine cooler can be another fun addition to any kitchen.

2. An Open Concept Floor Plan

These days, buyers can’t get enough of open concept floor plans. These are more commonly found in newly constructed homes compared to older ones.

Open concept floor plans and high ceilings can make spaces feel bigger and brighter. There’s often more natural light flowing into the home, too, which can make a house feel more inviting.

They’re a great design element for buyers who frequently host guests and want usable entertaining space. Houses without open concept floor plans can feel cramped, and the flow of the house can feel off. 

3. Modern Bathrooms Are Among the Most Desired Home Features

Small, outdated bathrooms can be a major pain point for buyers, and updating older bathrooms can be a very pricing undertaking. That’s why buyers count modern bathrooms among the home features they value the most.

What goes into creating a great bathroom? Double vanities provide homeowners with a lot of space to get ready, and they can make the start of your day much less stressful.

Other components of a good bathroom include walk-in showers and soaker tubs that are perfect for relaxing in after a long day.

Just like in the kitchen, storage is also a big essential in bathrooms. Having a place to store towels, makeup, and other items can be a major bonus to home buyers.

4. High-Quality Flooring

What do buyers want in a home? Solid, high-quality floors. Because of their durability and appearance, hardwood floors are an appealing option for buyers. They’re also great for pet owners who don’t want to deal with cleaning up the carpet.

No matter which flooring material is being used, whether it’s tile, hardwood, or carpet, quality is key. Better materials can save homeowners money in the long run, because they won’t have to replace their flooring as often.

5. Awesome Outdoor Living Space

Patios and large outdoor spaces are often enviable home features. Buyers love having a place to relax with family, host friends, or even throw a barbecue. 

This can be especially true in markets where the weather is temperate and buyers want to spend a lot of time outside.

Outdoor fireplaces are another feature that makes an outdoor living space more appealing. They’re perfect for helping an outdoor space to be usable for a longer part of the year.

When buying a home with a deck or patio, it’s important to keep an eye on the quality. Local home inspectors can examine the structure of the patio to ensure there are no immediate problems.

They can also tell you about existing issues that could potentially cause trouble in the future.

6. An Energy Efficient Home

Buyers are looking to use less energy, and energy efficiency is among the top perks of a new construction home. Everything from the type of insulation to your choice in windows can affect energy usage. That makes optimizing these facets key.

These choices are crucial to keeping bill lows. When comparing a new home to an older one, there’s no competition when it comes to energy efficiency.

Among the energy-efficient home features that buyers are looking for are Energy Star-certified washing machines and dishwashers, energy-efficient windows, and energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems.

When it comes to insulation, professional home inspectors can help buyers understand what they’re looking for.

7. A Dedicated Laundry Room

How important is a laundry room? For second-time home buyers, it can be even more essential than the living room.

Having space for your washer and dryer is key. It’s even better when you have a whole room dedicated to doing laundry. This gives homebuyers space to spread out while they complete their chore.

If homebuyers have kids, they’re likely used to doing a lot of laundry and will be even more thankful for a place to do it. Laundry rooms can also be an extra opportunity for more home storage.

While laundry rooms are always a great perk, they’re even more valuable to home buyers when they’re conveniently located on the main floor. 

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From modern kitchens with walk-in pantries to awe-inspiring outdoor spaces, there are a variety of home features that are surefire wins with buyers looking for their new house.

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