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Home improvement projects are just a normal part of being a homeowner. Whether you’re doing repairs to sell your home or just want it to look its best, the right home improvement project can do wonders for your house. 

In a perfect world, every project could be done quickly and for a few dollars. Unfortunately, there are plenty of home improvement projects that will require a considerable investment of time and money. And to make matters more complicated, these are the projects you usually can’t ignore.

Your gutters play an important protective and aesthetic role in your house. If you need to replace your gutters, you need to make the decision sooner rather than later.

Some of you may be wondering if your gutters truly need to be fully replaced, or if things will work out if you simply repair them. Repairing gutters would be cheaper, but it may not be what you need.

Want to know if you need to invest in a gutter replacement or if you can do the work yourself? Read on to learn more!

Repair or Replace Gutters: Your Definitive Guide

Figuring out whether you’re going to repair or replace your gutters isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. We understand that any kind of roof work will require some of your time and money, so we want to make sure that you’re making the right one. 

If you ever feel unsure of what direction you should take with home repairs, you should always bring in professional help to make the final decision. A professional can make the right call, and do work you’ll be happy with it.

People that are still on the fence about what to do should pay close attention to this post. We’re going to go over signs that your gutters should be replaced, or that they could be easily repaired. 

Repair: Damage is Localized to One or Two Gutters

Does one of your gutters have a hole in it? Have you noticed that there’s an alarming amount of rust on two gutters towards the side of your home? Do you have one gutter that looks like it could use a little work?

If most of your concerns are only located on one or two gutters, it’s okay to do some spot repairs.

People that decide to go down the repair route should pay very close attention to any surrounding gutters. Some gutters that are close to the damaged ones could be a month or two away from showing the same damage. 

If you take a look around and notice that you truly only have one or two problematic gutters, feel free to replace them. Make sure you do a one to one match though to ensure that you’re buying gutters that can match and work with what you already have.

Replace: Damage is ‘Minimal’ But Widespread

A spot of rust on one section of your gutter is one thing, but a spot of rust or two on every single gutter is a bad sign. The same goes for widespread holes or other structural issues. 

You may think that an afternoon with a caulk gun can solve your gutter problems, but you could just be delaying the inevitable. 

Gutters with a lot of widespread damage may be too old to last much longer. There may be a factory defect that makes them less effective. It’s even possible that some factors outside of your control like weather have made your gutters less reliable.

Regardless of what the cause of your gutter issue is, you should know that if you’re seeing multiple problems everywhere that you can’t spot fix problems. It’s time to completely repair your gutter system.

Repair: You Have a Loose Hanger or Two

Gutter hangers play an important role in the overall state of your home’s gutters. They don’t just help attach hangers to your roof, they also ensure that your gutter system is secure, stable, and well supported. 

You may notice a loose hanger after a particularly wet winter or summer or after an intense storm. If you have a steady drill and ladder you can easily secure everything back together.

Replace: Your Hanger Won’t Stay Screwed in 

You’ve done the hard work of redrilling your hanger in place, but you notice that it’s loose in just a week. In fact, it seems like every hanger you’ve taken the time to re-screw in place is loose.

If your hanger won’t stay fastened and secure, it’s a big sign that you need to fully replace your gutters. The issue could be your fascia board, and a rotting or weak fascia board is something that will need immediate attention. 

Repair: You Notice a Leak or Two 

Pay close attention to your gutters the next time there’s a heavy rainstorm. See where the water is flowing and if it’s dispersing correctly. 

Did you notice some dribbles or even a little stream of water from one section of your gutters? It’s a sign that your gutters need some attention, but it doesn’t mean that you need to replace everything.

Leaks can easily be patched with the right tools and equipment. If you’re sure that the leak is isolated feel free to go ahead with a few spot repairs. 

Replace: You Have Damage From Dents or Buckling

You never know what could cause damage to your gutters. A falling tree branch or debris could cause some major dents or dings. It’s also possible to accidentally dent your gutters when you’re repairing them from your tools or even an improperly set up ladder. 

If your gutter problems are being caused by dents and dings, know that it’s time to replace them. 

Damage like dents don’t just look bad, they also affect the structural integrity of your gutter. Once damage like that occurs it’s best to be safe and replace them outright.

Secure Your Gutters Today

Knowing whether the time is right to repair or replace your gutters is important. If you follow the advice in our post, you’ll be sure to make the right decision for your home. 

Do you want a second opinion on your home before you get ready to list it? Have you found your dream home and want to make sure that it’s structurally sound?

Regardless of what you need, we’re here to help. Be sure to schedule your inspection today so we can give you the help you need.