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The average sales price of a new single-family home sold in 2019 was $383,900.  

Settling into a dream home is perhaps every individual’s ultimate dream. Whether you opt to build such a house from scratch or decide to purchase a newly constructed unit, your desire to start on a clean slate is palpable.

Most Americans assume that a new home is free from any building and safety concerns. If you think that a new-construction home equals worry-free homeownership, you could be mistaken.

The majority of home buyers overlook new construction inspections. The assumption is often costly in the long-haul. Unlike in the case of the older, run-down houses where assessment is a no-brainer, new construction homes might have that deceptive outlook. 

Before you make a lifetime mistake, read on to understand why a new construction home inspection is necessary.      

New Construction Homes Have Problems Too

From a practical perspective, you’ll be the first person to live in that new construction home. As such, you are unaware of any history of problems. Such a scenario should worry you given that new construction homes have issues too.

The fresh coat of paint and the smell of freshness can be deceptive. You can’t rely on your layman’s interpretation of flawlessness to assume that the house is secure. Most experienced home inspectors warn that new construction homes could have worse undiscovered problems than older homes. 

Have you been wondering whether a new construction inspection makes sense? Here’re some benefits of a new construction inspection that should matter. 


The fact that you’re moving into a new house isn’t an automatic assurance of safety. A recent editorial in the Washington Post alluded to the downward spiral in new construction homes’ safety standards. When settling into a new home, your safety, that of your loved ones, and your property should matter.

To have the peace of mind that the building is safe, it would help to call in our experts. Professional home inspectors assess your new home in-depth for any safety concerns. It’s imperative to have the peace of mind that the new construction home has satisfied all the safety standards. 

Home Inspection Isn’t the Same as Municipal Building Inspection  

A typical new homeowner takes solace in the assumption that municipal building inspection is comprehensive. Most municipal building inspectors focus on the contractors’ adherence to building codes when putting up a building. However, such applicable building codes are the bare minimum, meaning there could be areas these inspectors overlook. 

The municipal building inspection may also face limitations associated with staffing and resources. It might be impossible for such inspectors to conduct a thorough assessment of your home under such circumstances. A reputable home inspection company goes beyond the ordinary to ensure that the home inspection process is satisfactory. 

Discovering a Problem Sooner Allows for Timely intervention   

Let’s face it; building a home from scratch can be overwhelming. You cannot overlook the possibility of flaws in the outcome. Once you settle in, it might become impossible to repair parts of the home without disrupting your everyday life.

A new construction inspection can help you discover any issues with the home, however minor they are. You can then consider urgent repairs before moving into the unit. Finding the problem early can also save you from additional costly repairs in the future.

You Can’t Rely on Builder’s Inspectors  

While most builders hire their inspectors, it’s not a good idea to trust their word in entirety. The piper will often play to the tune of the master. These hired builder’s inspectors have the task of taking new homebuyers through the viewing process. 

The downside is that these inspectors will unlikely be impartial even if the new construction home has underlying issues. 

As a homeowner, trusting the inspectors who act in the contractors’ best interests may be detrimental. It would help to consider new construction inspection from our reliable and unbiased inspectors to ensure you get an accurate home status report.

Contractors’ Standards Vary 

Investing in a home is costly. You’ll need the combined efforts of different contractors and subcontractors fixing and installing all manner of home fixtures.  With such a hectic process, it might be hard to keep track of every process to ensure quality outcomes. 

Most new construction homeowners lament the variance in standards when multiple contractors are involved. You might have a perfect outcome with the HVAC systems yet encounter a shoddy job with the plumbing fixtures. Such variations necessitate a certified new home construction inspector’s services to guide you on work that may be below the standards.

New Construction Inspection Matters at Resale 

Whether you’re buying a new construction home for immediate or future resale, inspection should be at the back of your mind. The next buyer will, without a doubt, hire home inspection experts to assess the home. If such home inspectors raise issues with the building, it might be hard to seal the deal.

The best way to avoid disappointments at the point of sale would be to call in our new home inspectors to check out the unit before listing. This will save you the agony of finding out new issues in front of potential clients. 

A New Construction Inspection Is Essential

Nothing is as satisfying as moving into your dream house. The many years of toil and sweat are nothing compared to the joy of finally owning a home. Nonetheless, this joy may be short-lived if the new house has building and safety concerns.

Most potential home buyers assume that new homes are flawless. With such a perspective, it’s easy to overlook the importance of new construction inspection. 

Are you looking to buy a newly constructed house soon?

Your future resale prospects, safety, and all the years of investment depend on a simple yet comprehensive home inspection process. This process can be a decisive moment for any potential home buyer. 

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