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The United States home values grew by a record $1.95 trillion between 2018 and 2019 to stand at a whopping $ 31.8 trillion. This growth represents 1.5 times the current Gross Product in the U.S. Homeowners have something to smile about now with the rapid expansion of the housing market. 

If you intend to list your home soon, there couldn’t be a better time to consider this decision. However, before advertising a home unit to potential buyers, most home sellers grapple with one crucial step. This phase is the pre-listing home inspection. 

If you’ve sold a home in the past, or are considering selling one soon, the question of inspection shouldn’t escape your minds. Are you wondering why to get a home inspection? Here we explain the merits of pre-listing home inspection.  

Why Does Pre-Listing Home Inspection Matter?

Unless you intended to sell your home as-is, you must consider comprehensive repairs in every part of the house before marketing it. This move enhances the curb appeal and increases the value of your home.  It’s impossible to conclude that your home meets the safety and quality standards needed before the transfer of ownership unless a qualified inspection occurs

Most experienced realtors will tell you that pre-sale inspection can make or break the deal.  No buyer will put in their hard-earned money into the purchase of a house without a clean bill of health from a certified inspector. As such, pre-listing inspection is a no-brainer when selling your home. 

Getting a pre-listing home inspector to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your home presents some advantages most sellers are unaware of. Let’s delve deeper into why inspection should be top of your to-do list.  

You’ll Get a Clear Picture of the Condition Your Home Is In

Most homeowners fear this necessary reality.  Imagine a scenario where a potential buyer hires an independent home inspector, and specific issues about the home emerge just before sealing a lucrative deal. Well, this is a likely outcome if you fail to involve a reliable inspector before listing your home. 

The home inspection phase is where most home sales fall apart. Before you allow potential clients to view or assess your home, you’d better have a fully-fledged inspection to point out any concerns. This is a sure way of avoiding disappointments. 

Once the home undergoes inspection, you can then proceed with comprehensive repairs. Taking this approach minimizes the risk of clients pulling out at the last minute due to inherent concerns.

Valuing Your Home Is Much Easier

Home valuation is the most critical phase when selling your house. You want to ensure that you factor in every nitty-gritty before putting a final price tag to the unit. But how can you achieve this without an understanding of all the underlying repair and maintenance costs?

Having a pre-listing home inspection before selling your home makes settling on a realistic price easy. If, after review, your home has minimal pointers of concern, you can set a price that’s commensurate with the repairs. Without an accurate inspection, setting the price might miss-out on the most critical factors that should determine the actual pricing.

Helps You Do the Necessary Repairs in Advance 

A pre-listing inspection helps you discover any inherent concerns in the home beforehand. This creates ample time for you to undertake repairs by hiring your own trusted contractors. With this option, you can determine the cost and the time frame for repairs. 

The outcome is different when the buyer orders for an independent inspection. When a buyer incurs the cost of the pre-sale inspection, it’s likely that they will contract independent companies to undertake the repairs. This can potentially increase the cost of selling your home and impact on the final value of the house.   

With a home inspector, you have personally sanctioned, it’s easy for you to conduct any needed repairs in advance. This ensures that you remain in control of the entire process. 

Inspection Helps You Keep Focus on the Deal-Breakers

There are items that, if not well inspected, could potentially put your home sale in jeopardy. If this is your first home sale, you shouldn’t be focusing so much on other less critical details such as lawns or exteriors. 

A pre-listing home inspector often focuses on every part of your home that matters the most during a home sale. With an experienced inspector, you can be sure that nothing will be left to chance. This allows you to undertake the necessary repairs in any part of the home that can be a deal-breaker when selling. 

Inspection Minimizes Negotiations 

As soon as an inspection report is out, you have the opportunity to undertake all the necessary repairs. This guarantees that the price you set as the actual value of your home won’t be subject to further negotiations. Negotiations can be emotive, especially where the potential buyer tries to take advantage of your desperate need to sell. 

With a clean bill of health that your home has met all the required repairs, you can stand firm with the value of the home you settle for. 

Inspection Enhances Credibility 

Credibility has to be the main reason any seller should consider paying for a pre-listing inspection. You want to gain rapport with all potential buyers. The best way to ensure that you sell your home fast would be to consider a pre-listing inspection. 

Once the potential buyers are sure that you have considered the necessary inspection procedures and repairs, they’ll develop unmatched trust in you and the property. You’ll also have the confidence that in case of any third-party inspection, you won’t anticipate any surprise outcomes. 

Inspection Is a Necessary Phase in the Sale Process

Selling your home requires both patience and objectivity. You must be willing to consider every factor that can help improve your home’s curb appeal and ensure faster sales and a reasonable price for your home. This is why a pre-listing home inspection is fundamental in the sale process. 

Working with Class Home Inspection will guarantee you an accurate and comprehensive evaluation of every corner of your home. With our team of experts, you can sell your home confidently, knowing that every issue of concern is covered. 

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