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By 2019, home sales in the U.S. had increased by 4.5%. Home selling is on the rise, and you need to know how to navigate through the competitive market. If you’ve already managed to get a promising buyer, you’re lucky.

Nonetheless, it’s too early to celebrate. A home inspection is a critical step that can go awry if you’re not keen. Your home must pass the inspection for prospective buyers to close the deal. 

If you live in Cleveland, OH, passing inspection will make your home selling process seamless. Here are tips that will help your home pass inspection. 

1. Declutter Your Home 

Removing clutter from your space is one of the simplest yet crucial tests when you’re selling a home. Clutter is any unnecessary items that create intrusion during the house inspection. An inspector will check even the most unlikely places such as under the kitchen sink, and having clutter might make the home appear unsightly.

A home inspection involves even the sheds, garage, and yard. If you have stored old furniture in the garage, they can create obstacles in the inspection process. All areas within your home should be accessible enough. Blocking some spaces with unnecessary items will be a turnoff to buyers. 

2. Empty Your Appliances 

This is among the most overlooked steps when preparing your home for inspection. Some of the most common appliances include washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers. The inspector may need to turn on these appliances to confirm their functionality.  

It’s polite to remove all the debris around these appliances to give the inspector an easier time. Checking the oven for any accumulated soot or the stove are all critical steps that can help make the process of inspection smooth. Emptying your appliances will make the inspection more seamless and give you the desired headway. 

3. Disclose Any Flaws in Your Home 

Passing inspection will be easier when you’re honest. Disclosing about any flaws within your home isn’t pleasant, but it is imperative. Talking to inspectors about issues such as a malfunctioning air conditioner or leaks is crucial.  

Being secretive about an issue will prompt adverse reactions. If you’re a seller in Ohio, failure to disclose the state of the home can make you susceptible to legal actions. The inspector might not necessarily note some of these flaws, which makes disclosure necessary.

You can send a message to the inspector acknowledging the problems and the need for repairs. Then, show your willingness to have the issues sorted in the future. You might also want to inform the inspector if your home has faced catastrophic events such as floods or fire.

4. Clean Your House Thoroughly

In house selling, ensuring that your house is tidy is the best state to pass the home inspection. While cleanliness isn’t part of the home inspection checklist for sellers, it’s vital. A dirty home might make an inspector assume that you’ve neglected most other parts of the house.

While at it, ensure that you maintain the cleanliness even after accepting the offer. A favorable impression of a neat house will make it easier for you to sell your home faster. As you declutter, wash all the spaces and keep the house tidy for inspection and viewing.

5. Unlock All Doors 

Before the arrival of an inspector, you should consider unlocking all doors. The investor or buyer will likely want to see every room inside the house. Leaving all rooms open will make the process of inspection straightforward and guarantee you a pass.

Ensuring that every room in the house is accessible also shows that you were well-prepared for the inspection. Having some rooms locked may send the wrong signals about their state. You should seek to ensure that all doors are unlocked before inspection if you hope to pass this critical stage.

6. Keep Away Your Pets

About 38.4% and 25.4% of American households own dogs and cats, respectively. Pets in your home are adorable, but when you’re selling your home, they can break a deal. You need to know how to handle pets if you’re focused on passing inspection. 

You can board your pets temporarily during the inspection period. With pets around, their safety and that of the inspectors’ might be at stake. Besides, a home inspector might have a list of areas to inspect, but pets can create obstacles.

7. Provide Permits 

Has your home undergone significant renovations in recent times? If so, you need to provide your home inspector with the relevant permits or plans. These permits may differ from one state to the next but are mandatory.

Without the proper permits, you might not pass this critical inspection phase. If you have undertaken renovations but don’t have the requisite permits, it would help to disclose all the information related to these significant repairs.  Such critical information includes septic permits and any other major maintenance repairs you might undertake before listing the property.

With all the requisite permits, it might be easy for you to pass the inspection stage with minimal difficulties. 

8. Document All the Maintenance Costs

Invoices of any recent repairs on the premise should be within reach during the inspection. It would help to keep a document of all the latest maintenance and repairs to keep track of all recent revamps in the house. You should include any insurance claims for any damages in the house in the documentation.

The information can make the inspector’s work easier and increase the chance of passing the inspection phase. If there were any prior inspection reports, it would also help to include it in the documentation. All this information helps indicate any recent works in the property and the actual cost.

Passing Inspection Is the Dream of Every Home Seller 

When selling your home, inspection is indispensable. Passing inspection is the only way a buyer can determine whether your house is worth purchasing. With the mentioned tips, you have a higher chance of beating the inspection. 

However, don’t fret; you’ll hardly get a buyer who is looking for perfection. A prospective homeowner only wants to ascertain that the house isn’t laden with issues. As such, a home inspection shouldn’t be a dreaded activity.

Are you a prospective home buyer or seller in North East Ohio? Schedule an inspection with us to protect your investment.