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A home inspection can make or break the sale of a home. Even if you have a great real estate agent and you noticed no visible issues with the house, a bad inspection report can prove that it isn’t the home for you.

This is why getting a quality home inspection is so important. The inspection report can reveal things that you and even the real estate agent hadn’t noticed before. Or worse, if the agent was aware of the issues and didn’t want you to know about them, it can reveal their deception.

There is a lot of confusion over the price of such an endeavor. How much is a home inspection? In this article, we’ll tell you what you can inspect in regards to the price and experience of your next inspection.

What You Need To Know Before Inspection

There are a number of things that you should be aware of before you ask for an inspection of a home. Perhaps the most important piece of information is the inspector’s credentials.

Don’t be afraid to dig deep into research on a home inspector. This needs to be a person you can trust. After all, you are allowing this person into the home you are considering buying in hopes that he or she can tell you about any and all safety concerns involved.

A botched inspection can be a dangerous thing. You want to be certain your home inspector won’t miss anything during their inspection.

Another thing you need to be aware of before your inspection begins is what sort of inspection you are getting. There are many different kinds of home inspectors, all with their own preferences and styles. Before you hire one, you need to know exactly what kind of service you are hiring.

Do some research into what this particular inspector’s services consist of, which parts of the home and property they will be looking at. And you do not need to feel nervous asking your inspector about specific problem areas you are particularly concerned about. That’s actually one of the best ways to ensure you are getting the service you desire.

You should also compare inspection reports. Most inspectors will provide sample reports of homes they have inspected before if you ask. This is a great way to check to see if an inspector is serving the needs of the real estate agent and trying to get the house sold quickly, or if they are concerned about providing their clients with complete and accurate reports.

What Happens During An Inspection?

If you’re looking at the price of a home inspection, you should know what exactly it is you are paying for. So what exactly happens during a home inspection?

When you hire a home inspector for a prospective home, the inspector will perform a walk-through analysis of the home’s safety. They will take notes on different areas and if there are concerns, many inspectors will photograph them to show you on their report. If you are present during the inspection, they will probably tell you the things they notice as you walk through.

There are a number of specific issues that your inspection should cover that you can watch out for.

Perhaps chief among these issues are concerns regarding the roof. A good home inspector should be checking for clogged gutters, sagging areas, shingle layers and quality, and a number of different weather and moisture-related problems,

You’re looking at having this roof over your head for a long time, you need to be certain that it is safe. You don’t want to purchase a home with any roof concerns.

Another typical concern is the electrical system in the home. There may be exposed wires, shorts in the electric system, or a number of other issues. Keep an eye out for these issues yourself in addition to the inspection.

If the home is older, you might experience issues with a contaminated backyard, broken or damaged systems, or even foundation problems. This is why you should ensure that your inspection is very thorough, especially if the property is older.

Even if you opt not to accompany your home inspector during his or her walkthrough, you should remain completely informed about the issues he or she will be inspecting and issues specific to the home you may need to call attention to.

How Much Is A Home Inspection?

Whether you are a homeowner or a homebuyer, you need to have your home inspected by professionals. But how much is the cost of a home inspection?

Generally speaking, a typical home inspection for an average-sized home will cost roughly between $275 and $400. However, there are a number of different factors that may contribute to your home inspection price.

The two primary contributing factors to the cost of a home inspection are size and location. If you are looking at a larger property in a nicer neighborhood, your inspection may be more expensive.

However, depending on the quality and age of the home, certain tests may need to be administered for things such as mold and asbestos. These tests may also increase the price of your home inspection.

Also if you already own the property, the cost of your inspection may go up if there are issues that need to be resolved immediately for the safety of the residents.

Be sure to take all of these factors into consideration when you are budgeting for your next home inspection!

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