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Whenever anyone buys a new house, one of the first things they do is find a home inspector to make sure it’s in good shape.

Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars only to find their new home is falling apart. As a matter of fact, many contracts require houses to be inspected before any money is exchanged.

That means as long as people are buying new houses, there will always be work for home inspectors. Without home inspectors, it would be tough for purchasers to ever trust owners, and markets would stagnate.

But since home inspectors perform such valuable work, real estate markets can flourish. People can buy houses with confidence, knowing that the home they buy will last for as long as they need it. They won’t find any unfortunate surprises in it soon after buying the home, they can go about their business as normal.

Keep reading below to learn about some of the best places to work as a home inspector!

Home Inspectors Follow Market Trends

It’s important to realize home inspectors’ careers tend to depend on the quality of the housing market they’re working in. If people simply aren’t buying new homes, then there won’t be much of a need to inspect houses. That doesn’t mean you can’t succeed as a home inspector if your local real estate market is stagnant, though.

Home inspectors develop a wide and varied and skillset — and people need houses inspected for reasons other than to buy them. Sometimes, developers need houses inspected for construction purposes, or people may need them inspected as a requirement for their insurance.

There will always be work somewhere for home inspectors. Just because their market may be stagnant doesn’t mean they won’t make money. At the very least, their skills can help them easily transition into work as a contractor, or into the insurance industry.

The Better the Housing Market, the Better the Work

Even though work will always be there for home inspectors, it makes sense for home inspectors to be mobile. There will always be work, but there will be more if they’re willing to travel to where the real estate market is booming. That way, they will rake in a bunch more business.

Most of the time, housing markets boom around smaller, urban areas all across the U.S. This means that home inspectors have the whole nation to choose from for where they want to live and work.

1. North Carolina’s Housing Market is Booming

North Carolina may not be at the top of many aspiring home inspectors’ lists of places to live, but it should be. North Carolina is home to several developing cities, many of which are catching national attention. Cities like Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham are quickly becoming hubs of business and new homes.

That’s because several new tech companies are taking their operations out to smaller cities like the ones in North Carolina. They have affordable real estate and a healthy supply of college graduates to hire into their ranks. And as more people begin settling in the foothills of the mountains, more work will be available for home inspectors.

2. California Living Means Home Inspections Are Flourishing

California living is everybody’s dream — a life of leisure and complete apathy of the world around them. When most people think of California, they think of big cities like Los Angelas or Berkely. However, there are several other areas in California that give people a pleasant lifestyle without the bustle of a big city.

Many spots in northern California, inland of the ocean, offer people spots to settle down. Places like Fremont or Irvine offer quaint and tranquil homes and atmospheres, but they’re never too far from the excitement of the city.

3. Creatives, Professionals, and Hipsters Flock to Oregon and Washington

Oregon has made a name for itself as a hub of some of the most creative, artistic, and professional people in the world. Cities like Portland and Seattle have attracted wayward professionals who are looking for a change of pace. The city is a mixture of dreary and sunny, it’s both developed like any other city while also catering to people who enjoy living off the beaten path.

The city also attracts large tech companies who have raised the real estate market. Working as a home inspector in Seattle or Portland means you will work with people from several walks of life.

It means you’ll never be bored, and you’re bound to meet some fascinating people as you go about your work.

4. Colorado’s Housing Markets Are Far From Desert-Dry

Since Colorado is smack-dab in the middle of the desert, it may be hard to believe that it’s real estate market has much to offer. However, cities like Denver have been beacons for people looking for a place with a certain kind of politics. Ever since Colorado announced that it was open to new ideas, more people have been attracted to it.

Companies like SpaceX have also taken advantage of open politics and cheap space. It’s become emblematic of what the future may look like, and people will want to be a part of it. So, they’re traveling to Denver and Boulder to be a part of it.

House Inspectors Play Important Roles When Buying a House

Home inspectors are essential whenever anyone buys any kind of property. Without them, nobody would ever have the confidence to purchase a new home. However, their jobs aren’t just essential parts of the market — they’re also lucrative.

The average salary of a home inspector is $60,000, with a good work-life balance. They also have tons of travel opportunities and enjoy rock-solid job security.

To learn more about the business, and the sorts of training and skills home inspectors get, just reach out to us! We’re always here to help, whether it’s about the business or about inspecting a home!