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In this trying and uncertain time it can be difficult to think about getting back to normality. Especially with things such as buying, selling, and inspecting houses.

Clearly things have changed in the past few months, quite significantly in some areas, in fact. However, the real estate market in Ohio is a sector that is always robust and able to adapt to change.

In this article, we will go through what changes need to be made to ensure a properly safe environment for home inspections and inspectors. And also what everyone can do together to protect themselves properly.

Buying, inspecting, and selling houses in Ohio doesn’t need to be put on the back burner any longer. Read on to find out more about inspecting homes safely. 

Keep High Levels of Sanitary Health At All Times

At this current moment, there is no readily available vaccine for COVID-19. This means that everyone is susceptible to catching it or transmitting it to other people.

The best way to protect yourself from catching any disease or infection is to wash your hands regularly. You need to use hot water and soap for a minimum of twenty seconds. 

Avoid touching as many surfaces like counter-tops, doorknobs, windows. Or, in fact, anything that people touch regularly. If you do this make sure you wash your hands every time you do so. 

Avoid touching your face with your hands when you are outside, even to rub your eyes or nose or cheeks.

If you do need to blow your nose with a tissue, immediately dispose of the tissue into a designated bin or wastebasket.

Also, try and source an easy to carry around hand sanitizer which you can keep in your pocket or bag to use if you don’t have access to water and soap.

Make sure this hand sanitizer contains at least 60 percent alcohol to ensure that it kills all the germs and bacteria on your hands.

Also, spray the entirely of your hands, front and back to make sure all the areas of the hand are covered. 

If possible get some anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down any surfaces or doorknobs you do have to touch.

This is good hygiene etiquette for a number of people having to visit the same property.

Keep A Good Distance Away From Others

If a client in Ohio has arranged an inspection and if they are at the property, you need to make sure that you are keeping a respectable two-meter distance from them at all times.

It might feel strange or even a little rude not to do any handshakes or greetings. But these are government guidelines that need to be followed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 

Particles from sneezing or coughing or speaking can travel long distances.  It is important that you maintain a good distance away from others when carrying out your inspections.

This is particularly important if your clients fall under a high-risk category, have existing health problems, or are over the age of seventy.

Ask the question: Is it really necessary for them to be there? If not then ask them if they wouldn’t mind staying at home and you carry out the inspection by yourself.

Use Technology For Your Inspection

If you can agree with your clients, why not use a smartphone and video the inspection for them? After you have finished the inspection and have got the video you can simply attach it to an email or send it through a messaging service.

They are still able to see the property and your inspection but don’t have to take any unnecessary risks by coming to the property as well. It’s a great and safe way to conduct a home inspection and keeping the risks to a minimum.

Use Video Chat or Live Streaming 

If your clients want a more personal and live version of the inspection, why not use a video calling service. FaceTime, Whatsapp Video, Facebook Video, or even Snapchat are all great platforms to use!

There is so many video calling platforms nowadays that have great quality and video services. If they want it to be more interactive and be able to ask questions, video calling is a good method to use.

This means they are still able to feel involved with the house inspection but don’t physically have to be there and expose themselves to any risks. 

Monitor Your Own Health and Your Family’s Health

If you begin to feel at all unwell or have a temperature, dry cough, or a fever you will need to self-isolate at home. 

These are symptoms of an acute respiratory illness. You will need to cancel any of your appointments and quarantine for the recommended number of days.

Try and get information on the state’s medical advice on how best to go about isolating as it is updating regularly. Make sure you are working within the confines of the recommended advice and systems.

If anyone else in your household begins to feel unwell with any of the above symptoms then please consult advice on this also.

If you are sharing a living space with someone who could be infected then you might need to take extra precautions in your own household.

The Real Estate Market and Covid-19: Where Can I Find Out More?

We hope this article about home inspections in Ohio and the real estate market has given you all the information you need when it comes to operating safely and appropriately going forward.

It is essential that you follow the preventative methods that the government and individual states advise. Also, you will need to check and keep yourself informed of this guidance, as it can change quickly and regularly.

If you have any further questions or queries about home inspections or the real estate market in 2020, why not contact us directly? Or have a look at one of our sample home reports?