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Out of every 20 house sales contracts, one will fail.

For homeowners, these are sobering statistics. As a home inspector, such findings help validate the critical nature of your business. However, just because homeowners will need inspection services doesn’t automatically mean they will turn to you. You need to put your firm out there.

Here are five tried and tested ways to market your home inspection business you should try.

1. Word of Mouth

News flash – word of mouth marketing still works even in today’s digital world. Why is that so?

Simply put, people trust the recommendations their friends and family pass on to them.

So much so that according to research by Nielsen, people place a 92% premium on the recommendations from their friends over traditional advertising. 

The intrinsic power of word of mouth is that it doesn’t stop with one endorsement. Someone will recommend you to someone who then recommends you to another person and so on.

The most effective way to leverage word of mouth marketing is by delighting and surprising your customers.

When you get a new client, go beyond uncovering the issues they can’t find in a home. Make it a point to go out of your way and help them understand what these issues mean and how they can seek effective assistance.

Share with them the contact information of professionals you trust to handle specialist inspections and check-in with them from time to time. It may seem like a lot of work, but it pays off handsomely.

Remember, a client you acquire through word of mouth and who receives the quality of service they heard about will remain fiercely loyal.

That makes for a customer with a high long term value that can support your business no matter the market conditions.

2. Positive Online Reviews

When the internet pervaded marketing, word of mouth evolved. Online reviews are essentially digital personal endorsements that go beyond friends and family also to impact strangers.

It’s tempting to ignore online reviews because of the potential for negative feedback.

However, you would be losing out on more customers as 84% of online users trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

After every job, request your customers to leave online recommendations. Some clients might be hesitant, but as long as you let them know they are free to share their genuine reviews, many will feel comfortable.

The trick with online reviews isn’t only to collect positive testimonials. You’ll need to give a timely response to negative feedback as that shows future customers that you care and take action.

Not only do you learn from the negative feedback, but you can potentially turn it to a sale by showing active concern.

3. Social Media

Home inspectors can grow their business using social media. However, you have to be smart about it and understand the real drivers on these platforms.

Social media marketing has evolved, and it’s no longer about collecting likes or views. Engagement is the name of the game.

Create a content schedule to help you strategically engage users on social media.

A useful way to nurture engagement is by sharing on meaningful topics, and not only pushing your business. For example, you can develop a series of videos or posts, further explaining what a home inspector does and why it matters to homeowners.

You can also take advantage of polls and surveys relating to issues you think are close to your customers’ hearts to spark engagement.

Investing in contests and giveaways is another fun but memorable way for you to bring your home inspection firm closer to social media users. The more reason you give potential customers on social media a reason to engage with you, the more memorable you become.

That’s essential in remaining top-of-mind when these prospects or their loved ones have to seek home inspection services.

4. Email Marketing

Email seems old school compared to other more advanced communication tools that are out there. However, email has stubbornly remained the topmost digital marketing tool.

For every dollar you invest in email marketing, you can expect to make $38 back potentially. The possibilities are immense.

But the compelling return on investment isn’t the only reason your home inspection firm needs to leverage email marketing.

A subscriber to your email list is more valuable than a social media follower. Why?

You don’t control third-party social media platforms. Sure, investing in marketing on these platforms is critical.

However, what if you woke up tomorrow, and your favorite platform is no more? Will you have to start from scratch growing your digital marketing?

Email marketing gives your home inspection firm a direct relationship with a subscriber. Furthermore, that relationship is permission-based (i.e., the user gives you consent to interact with them in their inbox).

As long as you work to understand the right motivations of your subscriber base and tune your email marketing towards that, you can have effective long term marketing.

A rule of thumb with email marketing is to avoid constant hard selling.

Every email you send competes with tons of others for the subscriber’s attention. If you keep yelling, “Buy! Buy!” Soon enough, they will unsubscribe.

Instead, focus on messaging that gives the subscriber helpful information. Develop a reputation for adding value that can trigger subscribers always to open your emails.

Soon enough, the direct selling you intersperse with non-outbound marketing content will experience higher conversion rates.

5. Customer Segmentation

Not all your present or potential customers are at the same place along the buying journey.

If your marketing techniques fault to account for this, you won’t grow your home inspection firm’s visibility.

Thus, you need to segment your customers according to common indicators they share. You will then be better placed to develop and target the right kind of marketing for each group.

That, in turn, makes your marketing more relevant, potentially leading to better results.

Are You Ready to Take Your Home Inspection Business to the World?

Not all house sale contacts sail through, and homeowners keen to avoid this fate rely on inspection services. To position your home inspection business to tap into this demand, you need to identify and execute relevant marketing strategies that will make your business more visible to potential clients.

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