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According to recent reports, the Northeast Ohio real estate market is heating up and, at this time, favors sellers over buyers. Why? The number of buyers hasn’t gone down but the number of houses for sale is on the lower side.

When your options are limited, an inspection becomes all the more important. Both buyers and sellers should avoid cutting deals that aren’t fair or ideal out of a sense of desperation.

Before getting a home inspection, it’s important to know what to expect. Not only do you need to know how to read your home inspection report, but you also need to know who should be there for the inspection, itself.

Read on to learn more about who should be in attendance during a home inspection.

Who Should Attend a Pre-Listing Inspection?

If you don’t intend to sell your home as-is, we always recommend getting a pre-listing inspection. This gives you time to assess any repairs your property may need and determine whether or not you want to address them. If the answer is no, you can adjust your asking price accordingly.

Ultimately, the goal of getting a pre-listing inspection is transparency. If you can show potential buyers that a certified home inspection was completed and your house received a clean bill of health, they’re going to feel more confident going into the sale.

The question is, who should be in attendance of a pre-listing inspection?

The reality is that at this point in your selling process, you may not be working with an agent yet. That means that the only person who needs to be there is you, the seller.

If you’ve already hired a few contractors and want them to know exactly what the problem areas are, you may be able to ask them to join in. However, it’s more reasonable to get the completed report and share that with them. A good contractor will know how to read the report without being there for the walkthrough.

Who Should Attend the Buyer’s Inspection?

The buyer’s inspection is one of the most important components of a buyer’s decision-making process. In spite of an inspection received by the owner before listing, it is important that the buyer conducts one of their own.

If a buyer is working with a real estate agent, the agent will likely recommend a home inspector. That being said, the buyer has every right to choose their own inspector if they are not comfortable with the agent’s choice. A quality home inspector should have both certification and experience.

Should the Buyer Attend?

If possible, it is always ideal for the buyer to be present for their home inspection. While the final report will tell them everything they need to know, being present at the inspection allows them to ask questions. It also allows them to get a detailed tour of the home than what the seller may offer.

Whether or not the buyer brings along other people is up to them. You may feel inclined to ask a trusted friend or family member to attend the inspection with you in order to get a second opinion.

However, bringing along a posse can cause distractions. When you attend a home inspection as a buyer, you need to stay focused on what the inspector shows and tells you. Make sure that you don’t bring along anyone who will distract you or your inspector from the task at hand.

Should the Agent Attend?

If the buyer lives out of state, has other obligations, or for whatever reason cannot attend a home inspection, the buyer’s real estate agent can and should take their place. In fact, it can be beneficial for a real estate agent to tag along even if the buyer is available.

Remember that your agent and your home inspector serve two different functions. Your inspector is only there to offer an objective, informed report of the house’s current state. They examine components of the house such as appliances, electrical outlets, and faucets.

Your agent, on the other hand, has the ability to offer information about the housing market at large. They can tell you, based on what your home inspection reveals, if it’s worth your money and time to move forward to closing costs. If you want to get a better sense of what your home inspection means for your final decision.

Should the Seller Stick Around for the Buyer’s Inspection?

We are often asked if sellers should stick around for the buyer’s inspection. It can be tempting to stay and hear for yourself what a home inspector says about your property since this will ultimately affect the sale. However, we strongly recommend that sellers head out for a few hours and let the inspector speak privately with the buyer.

Why? According to real estate experts, the number one reason a buyer will walk away from a home is antagonism from the seller.

Even if you plan to keep quiet during the inspection, your presence can send negative signals to the buyer. They may feel less comfortable asking their inspector questions. They may also feel like you’re sticking around in order to build your case against them if they decide to negotiate.

Remember that you will be shown a copy of the inspection report once it is complete. Otherwise, try to stay out of the way during the buyer’s inspection.

Getting an Inspection in Northeast Ohio

Preparing for a home inspection means knowing what to expect. One of the most important things to know off the bat is whether or not you should be there. A good rule of thumb is that if the inspection is requested by you, whether you’re the seller or the buyer, your attendance is ideal.

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