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The DIY world is growing in leaps and bounds. Across the globe, people are feeling more empowered each and every day. They know they don’t have to spend a fortune on a contractor to paint their home, refinish their hardwood floors, or give the kitchen a facelift.

As such, the market for DIY tools is also growing in leaps and bounds. Business Wire recently reported that the market is expected to be worth nearly $14 billion in 2021! Yes, that’s “b” for billion. 

Isn’t it nice to know you’re not alone in the knowledge that you don’t have to break the bank on a kitchen remodel to boost the value of your home? The home improvement tips listed below will help you spruce up your home and boost your bottom line. 


Painting is one best DIY home improvement tasks anyone can take on. You might want to watch a YouTube video or two before you go. This will help you take in some considerations like using painter’s tape to line the trim.

It’ll also help you pick up the right tools from the store. 

After that, pick a color and go! This is a one-weekend job that you’ll relish come Monday morning. If you’re planning to sell your home, the definitive consensus on paint color is to choose light or neutral colors.

So, forego orange for linen and magenta for blush. 


The rumors about curb appeal are 100% true. Think about it. If you’re selling a home, the exterior is the first thing potential homebuyers see when they turn the corner.

They’re going to judge you hard if your home looks dirty, unkempt, or cluttered. 

Now that you’ve painted an interior room, see if you can translate your skills to an exterior paint job. Cue up the YouTube video again, borrow a ladder from your neighbor, and consider diving into the task.

Of course, it’s a bit more time-consuming than an interior room but it’s certainly something you don’t need to be licensed and certified to carry out. 

If you suspect the paint is intact, then consider renting a power washer from the local hardware store. Powerwashing the exterior of a home, in some cases, can have the same effect as a bright and cheery paint job. 

Then, take on a little garden DIY. Plant a few shrubs. Purchase a pair of large planters and speckle them with colorful marigolds or poppies. 

If you have a black thumb, plant a pair of robust ferns that’ll sway in the breeze when visitors walk by. 

Spruce Up the Kitchen

The price tag on a kitchen or bathroom remodel is enough to bring on a fainting spell. And, yet, they’re constantly touted as the most valuable rooms in the home. Unless your realtor is certain you can make your money back on a kitchen remodel, avoid it at all costs.

It’s time-consuming and bank-account-draining. 

Instead, do what you can with what you have. Declutter all those countertops. Get smart with your storage solutions and store the blender etc. in a designated cabinet.

Put all those cereal and cookie boxes in the pantry. Replace all that clutter with a pitcher of flowers or a sweet and savory candle. 

After you’ve smartened up your storage, consider taking your paint skills to the cabinets. Whether you paint them or restain them, you will change the entire look of your kitchen with this simple DIY task. While you’re focusing on the cabinets, you might want to pop on some new hardware, too. 

Refinish the Hardwood Floors

Did you opt to restain your cabinets? We’re sure you stepped back and inhaled a deep sigh of pride. Keep the momentum going and consider the state of your hardwood floors.

As you refinish them, you’ll also be able to get ahead of any potential areas with water damage.

Once you’ve sanded down the floors and refinished them, consider an elegant area rug or runner. This refreshing pop of color on gleaming floorboards will lure potential homebuyers in like moths to a flame. You’ll enjoy knowing that the next thing they’re going to “ooh” and “ahh” over is your refinished kitchen cabinets. 


We saved the best for last. While we touched upon decluttering in the kitchen, we didn’t emphasize it the way we should. A cluttered home is as offputting as a back patio full of wasp nests.

It’s appalling to the eye and detracts from the possibility of the home’s structure. 

So, if it’s your intent to sell, go through each room and declutter. Remove the tchotchkes. Reduce the number of picture frames.

Organize your bookshelves. Pay special attention to the living room, the bathroom counters, and the master bedroom. 

And, again, if this is all in the name of selling your home, don’t just shove everything into the closets. Potential homebuyers will open up those closets in the walkthrough to see what kind of storage they’ll have. Get smart with your storage containers and feel free to make a few donations to the local consignment shop. 

Home Improvement Tips You’ll Love

In the end, you won’t just benefit from these home improvement tips. You’ll take tremendous pride in them. They’ll also offer greater financial freedom.

The pride you’ve invested in your home will radiate through the floorboards and into prospective buyers’ hearts. 

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