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Are you dealing with leaks, worn and torn shingles, or gutter rust? About 5% of homeowners look at their roofs every year and notice the same thing: an old roof. While it might seem like an expense, roof repair can improve your home’s value before your upcoming home inspection.

Don’t let an old, damaged roof impact your home’s worth! Instead, keep an eye out for these signs of roof damage. By looking for these signs, you can make repairs and negotiate the best real estate deal before buyers see your home.

Keep reading for the top roof damage signs that indicate it’s time for repairs!

1. Too Much Time

Your roof’s lifespan will usually depend on where you’re located and the weather. For example, rain can cut your roof’s life in half.

The materials used to make your roof can make a difference, too. Slate, copper, and tile can last around 50 years. If your roof is made of asphalt shingles, however, it’s more likely to last around 20 years.

The average roof is designed for replacement every 30 years. Even your home’s appliances don’t last that long! If you want to know when it’s time for roof repair, consider consulting your home’s records.

There’s a chance you won’t see these remaining signs of roof damage when you’re ready to sell your home. Instead, consider taking the proactive approach by determining your roof’s age.

First, check your records to determine when the roof was installed. What materials was it made with? You should make a note of when the roof was last reshingled, too.

When was your roof last inspected? It’s likely your roof sustained damage within the past 15 years. If more time has passed since your last examination, consider having an expert take a look.

If you wait too long to make repairs, however, your roof might spring a leak! Even a minor leak can lead to costly damages. Taking the proactive approach by checking for roof damage signs can help you save money and avoid stress.

2. Damaged Shingles

The next time you’re outside, take a look at your roof. You probably need roofing repair if you notice shingles that appear cracked or damaged. Are the shingles buckling or lying flat against your roof?

If you notice problems with your shingles, consider calling someone about roof repair.

Imagine a homebuyer visiting your home. If they notice messy, damaged shingles, you might have a difficult time making a sale. Inf act, damaged shingles can lead to leaks, which will further impact the value of your home.

Make sure to get your roof repaired before a tiny leak becomes a bigger problem.

3. Gaps in the Seams

Take a look at your home’s vents, chimney, windows, and skylights. Flashing these areas will allow you to test for damages before sealing in gaps.

If there are gaps, you’re letting the rain in!

Start with your roof vent, first. If you notice any cracks, you can use caulking to fill in space. However, it’s important to note caulking is only a temporary solution.

You’ll need to make official repairs before those tiny cracks become a huge break or leak. Leaks can also contribute to mold growth.

Don’t forget to check your chimney. In time, flashing around your chimney can rust. Look for gaps in the seams and make the necessary repairs as soon as possible.

4. Water Stains

When was the last time you took a look at your attic ceiling and walls? Take the time to complete a visual examination of your attic. If you notice water stains streaking from the ceiling to floor, it’s time for repairs.

Remember, you don’t want to wait too long to prioritize roof repair. Even a small leak can build over time. In fact, leaks can destroy your home’s consultation or lead to mold growth, too.

It’s sometimes difficult for homeowners to track the source of a leak alone. By recognizing your need roof repair, you can fix the problem before a home inspector visits your home.

Making the necessary repairs before your home’s complete inspection will improve the estimate for your home’s values.

If you notice water stains, make sure to find the source of the leak before more leaks develop.

5. Mold Growth

Remember, the smallest leak can contribute to mold growth over time. As you check your roof for damage, make sure to look for mold, moss, and fungi, too.

It’s important to check the shady areas of your roof where moss is likely to grow. Once moss grows, the moisture will build, allowing mold to spread. Unfortunately, mold can impact your family’s lung health.

You’ll want to clear away the mold as soon as possible.

Check your home’s soffit vents, which create airflow for your attic. Clear soffits will keep moisture from building up before mold can grow.

Otherwise, dirty soffits can lead to mold growth and improper airflow.

6. Drooping and Sagging

As you check for signs of roof damage, look for dropping. Make sure to walk around your entire property. Any sagging could indicate your roof is damaged.

Rotting boards might indicate there’s trapped moisture, too. A visual examination can help you check for roof damage signs before these problems get worse.

7. Shiner Nails

Shiners are nails with missing framing members. In time, moisture will escape from your attic before condensing around the nail.

Imagine a freezing night. After frost builds around the nail, it will melt beneath the sun, then drip into the gap. You can clip the nail to avoid this problem before moisture begins to build.

8. Rusting Gutters

You might also need roof repair if you notice your gutters have started rusting. Look for leaks, too. A leak can occur if the seams rust, which can further damage your roof.

9. Trampoline Bounce

As you examine your roof, pay attention to how it feels beneath your feet. Does it seem spongy or have a trampoline-like quality? A bounce roof could mean moisture has built up over time.

If your roof’s surface seems bouncy or weak, you might want to look into roof repair.

A Home Inspection Must-Have: 9 Signs You Need Roof Repair

Don’t let an old roof reduce the value of your home. Instead, keep an eye out for these signs it’s time for roof repair. By repairing any damages, you can improve the value of your home in time to make a sale.

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