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The World Health Organization estimates that up to half of all indoor environments have damp issues. 

Then when you consider that dampness and humidity are the leading causes of mold in houses, you can then see why mold is such a common problem. 

So, if you are about to buy a new home, how sure are you that it does not have a damp or mold issue?

Well, unless you get a home mold inspection, you cannot be confident that the house you are buying is not affected. 

Still not convinced? Read these eight reasons why you should get a mold inspection to find out more.

1. Everyone Needs a Home Mold Inspection

As we’ve already said, up to half of all homes have damp. So the odds aren’t great when it comes to finding a house that does not have even a small amount of dampness. All houses are susceptible to mold even if the damp problem was a while ago, it could still have left some residual mold.

A house does not even need to be old to be susceptible to mold. All it takes is a small leak from a pipe or a loose shingle on the roof that lets in rainwater, and you’ve got yourself a mold problem.

Also, the only way to tell whether your house does not have mold is to get an inspection. Ruling out mold is as useful as discovering a problem.

2. Locate the Source of the Mold

Another reason to get a professional home mold inspection is that it will not only find the mold but also its cause.

You might be wondering why that is important. Well, it is one thing if a plumbing leak was responsible for the mold. It’s much more serious if it was a serious flood or a roof that needs replacing. It’s a lot cheaper to fix a leaking pipe than replace a roof!

3. It Can Be Expensive To Remove

It is possible to treat and remove mold. However, depending on the severity of the problem, it can cost quite a lot of money.

Therefore, before you decide whether to continue with the purchase of a property, you should get a mold test. This will help you to work out your budget, or even whether you need to dismiss the property.

4. Inspections Find Hidden Mold

You might be wondering whether it’s possible to conduct your own mold inspection. After all, mold can’t be that hard to spot right?

Unfortunately, that’s wrong. While some mold grows in visible places such as on walls and ceilings, it can also grow in areas that you cannot see. 

A professional mold inspector will look for mold inside wall cavities and crawl spaces, as well as under floorboards. These are very difficult to access if you do not know what you are doing. Whereas a mold inspector will have lots of experience in finding hidden mold. 

5. Mold Can Make You Ill

Finding out whether a house has mold is not only about money, but it could also affect your health.

Mold can trigger a number of health complaints including asthma, allergies and fungal infections. So if you do not have an inspection and there is mold, it could make your family ill. 

The only way to be sure that you avoid mold-related illness is to conduct a thorough mold test before you buy. Some things are not worth taking a chance with, and your family’s health is one. 

6. Protect Your Home and Possessions

As well as being a health risk, mold can also do a lot of damage to the fabric of the building and also your possessions. 

Mold feeds on organic matter like paper, fabric, and wood. Mold is a living thing, and it actually eats away at these materials, which will cause them to disintegrate. So in your home, mold can destroy wallpaper, floorboards, drywall, and carpets. 

Obviously, these drastic symptoms don’t happen overnight. But if you have items in storage that you do not use often, mold can destroy them before you have noticed.

A less severe case of mold will also cause serious staining and discoloration of fabrics and furniture. It will also permeate soft furnishings with a fungal smell that is difficult to eradicate. 

7. Real Estate Agents Don’t Inspect for Mold

Real estate agents have one job: to sell houses. They are not interested in finding the problems with those houses, as that will make them harder to sell. 

So when you see a property advertised as being in “excellent condition,” you have to take that with a pinch of salt. In order to find out the true condition of the house you are purchasing, you have to commission your own checks. 

So make sure you ask the real estate agent as many questions as you can about the property. But, unless you get a mold inspection before purchase, you will never be quite sure. 

8. Your Peace of Mind

Buying a house is a big decision. It is usually the most expensive and stressful time of your life. So in order to have absolute peace of mind, you need to know everything there is to know about your new home. The last thing you want after you have moved in is any nasty surprises. 

Mold is a serious problem. So while you are eager to get into your new home as soon as possible, you should take your time. Commission a home mold inspection and get the peace of mind you need.

Schedule an Inspection Today

So those are eight good reasons why you need a home mold inspection. 

Mold removal is possible, but without a professional report on the extent of the problem, you don’t know how much it will cost. An inspection will give you peace of mind, protect your possessions and your family’s health. Not all mold is easy to spot, so hiring a professional is the only way to make sure your home is mold free. 

If you are considering buying a property and want to know whether it has mold, schedule an inspection today