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If you want to sell your home, it’s crucial to have a home inspection.

They’re important for sellers and buyers alike. They can clearly show where the house shines and where it might need a little work. It also makes it easy for negotiations for both parties, so a home inspection is nothing to fear!

But if you want it to go as smoothly as possible, then you’ll need to do a little preparation.

Here are five things to do so that you can prepare for a home inspection.

1. Prepare Documentation

When it’s time for the home inspector to arrive, you’ll want to have all your documentation on hand.

This can include any bills, quotes, or certificates that may be helpful to the inspector. They can be for things like your electrical wiring, plumbing work, or HVAC system.

Upon arrival, the inspector will go through your home and yard. They’ll verify that everything is in working order and make note of issues that they find along the way. If any issues that they find have already been addressed, then you will have proof to show them.

If you already know of things that need repairs, you should make sure that they’re fixed before the inspector shows up. By doing this, you’ll be making sure that your inspection shows that there are no repair issues.

It’s a time saver, as the buyer won’t have to go back and forth with you over the repairs and negotiations.

Even if you do invest in the repairs that you know you need ahead of time, don’t be alarmed if a few other issues come up. Sometimes there are hidden issues behind your walls that you may never have known about.

This will make the inspection go much smoother. It will also be even more helpful in your negotiations with the buyer.

2. Clean, Clean, Clean

Cleaning is likely a regular task in your schedule, but it can really help out a home inspector as they do their job.

Despite being a good gesture, cleaning up your home shows an inspector that you care about it. If you’re putting time into your home to pick up the clutter and mop the floors, it shows that you’ve taken good care of it.

Don’t worry about moving supplies being on the floor or counters! The inspector will know that this is all just part of your new life change.

When cleaning up your home, you should pay special attention to a few areas. You should make sure that there’s a clear walkway to areas like the electrical panel and furnace. These are important places that the inspector will need to check, so be sure they have a clear path.

You should also do some yard work as well. This might include cleaning up broken brush or fixing up your fences.

With a clean space to work in, you’ll be making it easier for the inspector. They’ll be able to get the job done quicker, and you’ll improve the buyer’s perception of your home.

3. Do Your Own Self Inspection Beforehand

A few weeks before the home inspection, you should do your own self-inspection. It’s a good way to verify that everything you can see is in working order. While this will only cover the surface level, it is great home inspection preparation.

Be sure to go around your home and verify that everything in your house is working.

For example, test all your lights by turning them on then off. You’ll be able to see if a bulb is burnt or if it’s flashing. If you can replace this before the inspector arrives, you’ll have one less issue on your list.

There are also many other things to check that are easy fixes like this.

You should check your cabinets. Make sure that nothing is sticking or that the handles aren’t broken.

Checking your toilets is another great idea. You can make sure that they’re flushing properly and nothing is broken.

You can also make sure that your windows are still sealed. Verify that there aren’t any leaks or broken glass.

Doing a self-inspection can save you and the inspector time. These quick and easy fixes will make you feel much more prepared for a home inspection.

4. Be Sure They Have the Access That They Need

In most cases, the inspector will need more than just a house key when they arrive for the inspection. On arrival, you should have everything they need ready for them so that they can access all areas of your home.

If you have a shed or garage, be sure to give them the keys or access codes for these areas. The same goes for an alarm system if you have one.

Be sure that they also have the necessary keys and codes for gates or fences. Though it’s called a “home inspection,” the inspector needs to access all areas of your property.

5. Prepare for Your Results

When you get your home ready for your home inspection, don’t forget to also prepare yourself for the results.

You’d have trouble finding a home that doesn’t have a defect, so don’t feel upset if your inspection brings up a few. Homes age over time, so it’s normal for things to break or wear out.

Many of the defects could be some of the common problems that you’d regularly find in a home.

When you walk out the door on inspection day, don’t feel discouraged or fear the results. If you’ve done the work and prepared your home for the big day, then you can feel confident with the inspection.

Are You Ready to Prepare for a Home Inspection?

When you book a home inspection, things will start to feel more real. That new chapter in your life is slowly getting closer! Through all the excitement, it’s important to make sure that you prepare for a home inspection the right way.

Will you be selling your North East Ohio home in the near future? Schedule a home inspection with us today!