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Can you survive without a shower for 7 days?

Ashley, a mother of three, had to do just that. It was Friday morning when the water suddenly stopped running.

Desperate, she called her landlord, to let him know what was going on. “I’ll send a guy out to look at the well this weekend.”, he replied.

Yet, Saturday and Sunday came and went, and no one ever came. Finally, after 6 days without water, a repairman came and fixed the well.

Bad landlords are one of the biggest reasons to buy a house today. Did you know the law gives landlords as long as 30 days to fix a problem with your house?

When it’s a serious issue, like running water, they have to respond in a “reasonable” amount of time. For Ashley and her family, that meant 7 days without being able to boil water, wash clothes, or take a bath.

If you’re done playing the renting game, you should look into owning a home. Read on to learn more about why owning is better than renting, especially in Ohio.

Top Reasons to Buy a House

Are you looking at becoming a first-time homebuyer?

Before we start telling you why Ohio would make a great new location for you, let’s review the benefits of owning your home.

1. Constant Freedom

When you own your home, as opposed to renting it, you’ll have more freedom. As a proud homeowner, you can control what gets done to the property and when. Enjoy being able to paint your walls, change your floors, or hang new lights, without having to get permission first.

2. Financial Investment

Another reason to prefer owning over renting is investment benefits. When you own a home, it’s similar to when someone purchases stock.

As the value of your home goes up, so does your investment. In fact, houses are even more powerful types of investments than trading stock.

That’s because you’ll be able to benefit from the total amount of appreciation of the home’s value. This means you’ll be able to profit from the rise in the value of the home, not just the funds you used as a down payment.

3. Pay Fewer Taxes

Homeowners are able to pay less money every year in taxes. This is because you can subtract the interest you pay on your mortgage from your deductible income.

New homeowners in Ohio are going to experience the best tax benefits. New mortgages typically have the highest interest payments. As a result, they provide the biggest tax breaks. You’ll probably find that you spend less money owning a home, as opposed to renting.

Now that you’re more familiar with the reasons to buy a house, let’s look at why Ohio makes an amazing location.

4. Quality Suburbs

Living in the suburbs is a great way to enjoy having more space, at a better price. Let’s look at a few of the most popular cities in Ohio, and the suburbs within them.

Living in Cleveland

Cleveland has a population of 385,525 people. That makes it the 51st largest city in the United States, and the second largest city in Ohio.

Here are some of the most popular Cleveland suburbs to live in.

  • Solon
  • Rocky River
  • Hudson
  • Glenwillow
  • Shaker Heights

Solon is an especially popular location for people who want a true suburbian feel. Many of the residents here are already homeowners, so you’ll already have something in common with your neighbors.

Suburbs like Solon offer a wide variety of restaurants, parks, and cafe diners. Houses with children will be happy to know the public schools in the Solon area have incredibly high rankings.

Moving to Geneva

Are you looking to move somewhere with fewer people? The city of Geneva, in Ohio, has a population of only 5,975 people. Here you’ll find a lot of families, and retired individuals.

The schools in Geneva have an above average rating, and the majority of residents own their homes. Bordering the city of Geneva you’ll find the Geneva Township and the Harpersfield Township. Residents can enjoy exploring nature on a visit to the Geneva State Park (located within Geneva Township).

Life in Willoughby

The city of Willoughby in Ohio has a population of 22,268 people. For families with high school aged children, you’ll have two different high schools they can attend.

Willoughby is also the home to a private day school. The Andrews Osborne Academy is for pre-kindergarten students through twelfth grade.

5. Child-Friendly State

Northeast Ohio is one of the best places to raise a family. Not only are the school districts above average, but there’s also plenty of family-friendly activities.

Whether you and your little ones feel like getting out in the sun or spending the day learning, there’s something for everyone. Let’s look at some of the different things you can do in your free time.

Cleveland Museum of Art

After opening in 1916, the Cleveland Museum of Art has been helping deliver the meaning of art to a lot of people. This museum is full of educational and inspirational exhibits. Perhaps one of the best parts about this attraction is that it’s completely free.

Animal Lovers Delight

Do you, or one of your little ones, love animals? Ohio is full of quality zoos and aquariums that house exotic animals.

You can enjoy going to locations like the African Safari Wildlife Park, in Port Clinton Ohio. Here you can walk, or drive through, on a safe guided safari. You and your family will create unforgettable memories as you feed kangaroos or ride on camels.

Cafe O Play

Can you imagine living in a state where local business owners care about fostering a community? This was the case for Northeast Ohio’s best indoor play cafe, Cafe O Play.

Here adults and children both get to have fun in a safe, indoor setting. The indoor playground is for kids aged 10 years old, or younger.

The whole idea behind Cafe O Play is to help families create a community, in a fun and relaxed setting. Parents can relax in the cafe setting, and kids can have a ball on the playground.

Know What You’re Looking For

Now you know some of the main reasons to buy a house in Ohio. Searching for the perfect home, finding the right price, and getting all of the inspections done, can take a good amount of time, and energy. Yet, once the entire process is over and done with, the rewards of owning, are well worth the effort.

Class Home Inspection is proud to serve our clients as they enter into the home buying process. Our eye for detail and years of expertise give us the ability to help you protect your real estate investment.

Do you think you found the house of your dreams, but still need an inspection? Reach out to us today to schedule your inspection. We will work around your schedule to make the entire experience effective, easy, and fast.